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MVXX.AMILLIVN has been a gender fluid member of the rainbow community for 20 years. For many of those years,she's been an executive proposal writer & web/graphic designer. And she envisions a woman propelled, new thought society (such as the fictional Sapphic Trust) in the near future.

As a world traveler and purveyor of truth, Maxx has lived and experienced many cities such as Miami, Key West, Atlanta, D.C., New York, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Milwaukee and all points in between.  She currently explores the rest of the U.S. & abroad with her lovely wife and soulmate of 10 years.

"Androgyny is beautiful."

The SAPPHO INTL novels are a compelling and provocative lesbian, erotica series written for the diverse and modern female. It's new. It's bold. It's original. It's a breath of fresh air for the female who is fearless and full of creative energy. And whether we are lesbian, bi-sexual, tomboy, voyeuristic, queer or anything in between – this novel appeals to all of us.

Yes, SAPPHO INTL is a novel series filled flush with graphic scenes of erotica. However, aside from the bold and uninhibited passion that Songs of Silk I & II provides, it also combines all of the ingredients that make for a good read: a wide range of real and colorful characters with real personal thoughts and perspectives, a strong androgynous heroine, a glamorous jet-setting lifestyle, drama, action, and a historical tie to the “mother” of all lesbians (as well as pioneering poet) – Sappho.

In writing this novel, I wanted to not only approach the storyline from an androgynous point of view, but also with a grandiose tone and a poetic prose (since Sappho herself was a lyricist).  I wanted the secret society to be drenched with a mix of polarities to show that the new breed of lesbians could in fact be romantic AND strong; conventional AND edgy; feminine AND masculine; diverse AND conforming. We can be comfortable in our own skin and experience life as we naturally are--a mix of all things.

I believe that Sappho Intl ultimately shares an inspiring message that will unite, empower and propel ALL women, as we continue to evolve in this new millenium. The future is female and Sappho Intl is its progression.

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